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There's more than one type of producer on most projects. Here's a quick breakdown of some primary producer roles.
A Line Producer (sometimes simply labeled a "producer" on some productions) is a primary decision maker that can handle a vast array of duties such as budgeting, scheduling, securing locations, hiring/firing crew, casting, etc. They can also be involved in the creative process as well. As production sizes increase the number of producers increases as well and these tasks then often become divided up into more specific producer roles.
Field Producers will generally be reporting back to a Line Producer or Supervising Producer back in the office, but while out in the field on a shoot they are calling the shots. Field producers not only have to keep track of budgets, locations, schedules for each project but they are also responsible for booking talent and assisting in the development of the creative narrative for the project. Field producers are generally used in News Broadcasts, Documentaries, and other types of Reality Programming.
The Executive Producer normally means the person who oversees the entire production. They usually do this by hiring a number of other trusted producers to work under them and report back regularly. This allows an executive producer to better manage multiple projects at one time.  In today's day and age people also associate the term with the person/persons who financed the project, and while that can be the case there are plenty of times where the Executive Producer is not also the Financier.


A Grips' responsibility is to build and maintain equipment that supports other departments. Those being primarily Camera and Electric but can also include Art and Production. This could be a simple as setting up a dana dolly (a simple camera slider for cinema cameras) to rigging intricate truss systems using heavy equipment. Non-Union grips tend to be looked at as "Jack of all Trades" whereas a Union Grip will be more restricted on what things on set they can and can't do. 

The Electrical Department has several roles, including Gaffer, Lighting Designer, Electricians, etc. The Gaffer works with the Director of Photography to build the proper lighting profile for each scene. Electricians run the power from wall panels or generators and place power distribution boxes (aka Lunch Boxes) around the set. A Lighting Designer operates a switchboard that allows...
Camera department is of course the most important department after Production itself. The lead role in the Camera department is the Director of Photography or DoP. The DoP works closely with the Director, Producers, and Talent to frame up every single shot as well as with the Grips, Electric, and Art departments to make sure all aspects of a scene are perfect before hitting record. Sometimes the DoP operates the camera him/herself but it's quite common...
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