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Film and media production services


Before production gets underway there is a whole lot of work to do first. Whether you are starting from a blank page or have a well-conceived vision in hand, KHA Entertainment can help you with the rest. We’ll match you with talented producers, writers, and production coordinators to assist you with everything, including scriptwriting, storyboarding, budgeting, location scouting, casting, crewing, scheduling, and more! We’ve got years of experience planning and executing productions from start to finish.



Lots of research and planning are required before the first scene is shot.

It can be tedious work, but we've got it covered!

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Commercial Production

KHA Entertainment has worked with many of the world's largest companies on commercial campaigns and branded content projects ranging from guerilla marketing demonstrations to live television performances and sporting events. We love thinking outside the box and coming up with meaningful, creative campaigns that will give you the best conversion possible, and we’ll handle the entire thing from pre-production to post, coordinating with your team the entire way.

Aerial Video Services

Aerial video can be an invaluable asset to any production, so much so in fact that we dedicated a page to just that!

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Sales and Marketing Videos

Get your product or service seen by creating a well planned video and marketing campaign. Tell us about your product, give a few examples of competing products and services and we’ll get back to you with several pitches for a campaign that will get your product noticed.

Video Marketing

A properly executed video marketing campaign can reach millions of views.

KHA Entertainment knows the best practices to follow to encourage your video to go viral.

A Field Producer and his crew overlooking a shot.


Producing in the field is a bit different than on a sound stage. A field producer still has to handle cast, crew, scheduling, and budget but they’ll also be coordinating travel, lodging, and logistics as well. Aside from that, most field producers also double as camera operators, creative supervisors, and directors. We’ve traveled the world working for many of the world's most luxurious automotive brands coming up with content on-the-fly and editing footage while flying to our next destination and we’re happy to bring this experience to your production.

Post Production

When the director yells “That’s a Wrap” it may be a cause for celebration for many, but for the post-production team, the work’s just beginning. Our editors have years of experience cutting and assembling and can deliver you a rough cut on schedule. We’re also able to match you up with the best composers and music producers to develop incredible scores and soundtracks, and talented VFX artists to handle any CGI and Visual Effects that your project needs.

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