About Us: Our Story

A Happy Accident Turned Successful Production Company.

If you ask most production companies how they got their start, rarely would you hear a response of “Well, we scared the $%!* out of people with an animatronic dinosaur costume and uploaded it to YouTube!” Fortunately, KHA Entertainment is anything but ordinary... and that’s exactly how our company began, way back in 2012.

Before we officially started offering production services, branded content partnerships, or the general viral insanity we produce on a consistent basis now, we ourselves went viral, sort of by accident.

In our inception, KHA Entertainment purchased the most absurdly awesome, life-size Animatronic Dinosaur costume ever. It was at this moment, the dinosaur soon to be known as “Kojo” was born.

We took Kojo to New York Comic Con in 2012 as a way to get our fledgling startup noticed, and after only about 10 minutes on the show floor, “NYCC Dino” was trending on Twitter, and stories covering Kojo soon appeared on Mashable, Kotaku, Yahoo News and more!


Jurassic Prank

After that initial success, it was time to kick things up a notch... dinosaur style.

One month after our debut at NYCC we traveled to Ohio to film a prank video with YouTuber Roman Atwood. This would be the first "Jurassic Prank" video which became a series of episodes. The pilot episode premiered to a massive 12 million views overnight and attracted global media attention. The successive episodes all did fantastic as well. Currently, the entire series and its associated collaborations are near 100 million hits total.

The success of the Jurassic Prank series led us to tons of branded content and production work. From 2013 to today we've fulfilled contracts for companies like Vitamin Water, National Geographic, Google, YouTube, BBC, TruTV, SpikeTV, Fuse and more!

People often talk about dinosaurs like they are extinct...for us, they were alive and well!

YouTube Pranks are fun... but it was time to Evolve!

Little by little, we transitioned from content that revolved around animatronics and puppetry to all-around video production services. In 2015 we moved from New York City to Los Angeles to further pursue this change in focus. 

Shortly thereafter KHA Entertainment began working as the field production team for an internationally recognized automotive review network and traveled the world working for luxury automobile brands like Porsche, Lamborghini, Bentley, Ferrari, and Mercedes. Luckily, they weren’t in need of a dinosaur to drive the car - even in LA, getting a baby tyrannosaurus rex a license is pretty impossible.

In addition to producing high-end automotive marketing videos, we continued to work with other YouTube creators to produce branded content, viral videos, and more. Through all of this, we’ve perfected the elements it takes to make videos gain attention, get views, and have the highest chance at going viral. Like super viral. 

KHA Entertainment is a Google Certified Production Contractor with access to YouTube Studios production facilities in New York, Los Angeles, and London. It’s basically like having a backstage pass to awesomeness.

Lights, Camera, Action!

"Lost in Darkness," an award-winning short film by Swoop.

Now that you know our story, we want to hear yours!

What's going on these days?

Dinosaurs, YouTube, Viral Videos, Luxury Automotive Content, and more are just part of our ever-growing story.

In 2018 we Produced our first feature film called "Rideshare" which is available now on Amazon Prime and we’re also currently working on three new feature films that will be released over the next few years.

The great part about working with brands and creators is helping a project come to life. From creative to production, KHA Entertainment’s goal has always remained the same: get noticed, be original, be unforgettable.

Services KHA Entertainment offers:

● Film, Television and Digital Media production
● Grip and Electric
● Camera Operator
● Steadicam and Jib Operator
● Drone Pilot
● Production IT Services

Contact us for your next video project - we guarantee we’ll be everything you’ve ever wanted all in one place. Except for maybe tacos. We don’t offer tacos... but we'll order some from postmates if need be!