• The awesome people over at Snapmakersent me one of their highly coveted Snapmaker 2.0 A350 all in one machine to unbox and review! This incredibly industrial-looking piece of machinery is a Direct Drive 3D Printer, a 1400 Watt Laser Cutter/Engraver, and a CNC machine all in one, and with some tweaking can be even more! 

    This is the first video in a series where I will break down all 3 functions of this machine and demonstrate how it can be useful to production companies and independent filmmakers in various ways. Art department of course is no stranger to 3D printing, but with a machine this versatile you could solve problems in any department!

  • We take the safety of our cast, crew and associated very seriously, which is why we've taken the necessary steps to complete the Safe Set's International Covid-19 Certification for film and media productions. 

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  • We just got back from an amazing trip overseas filming reviews and some documentary footage for Bentley Motors and Motoman TV!