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Looking to get that one shot that will really make an impact? Aerial video usually does the trick, but it's not always cost effective to fuel up a full size helicopter for a small scale production. 

Our radio control aircraft are the perfect solution for getting incredible aerial video and photographs without paying thousands of dollars for a few hours of use of full size helicopter (not to mention the permits and red tape required as well). 

Our flagship heavy lift hexacopter model can carry up to 12 lbs and fly for 15 minutes. It sends it's video stream down to the ground station so the perfect shot can be attained without guesswork. 

It's advanced GPS and Auto Pilot systems enable the craft to hold it's position in the air while rotating and adjusting the camera's view, to really hone in on the shot. 

The camera platform is stabilized by a 3 axis gyro system which helps to keep it level with the horizon at all times. So even if the wind picks up a bit and the aircraft gets knocked around, the camera remains stable so the shot doesn't get ruined by excess vibration. 

We are constantly upgrading the capabilities of our fleet as well. We'll soon be able to do even more advanced features like "Follow Me", where the aircraft will automatically follow a linked cell phone and keep the camera locked on target while doing so. 

If you're interested in renting our Hexacopter for your A/V needs, please just fill out the form below and we will get back to you shortly with more info. 

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Hexacopter Flight at Keyport NJ Waterfront Billy Brenner 2012
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