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Apr 14, 2014 Written by
Want to be a Youtube Prankster but don't have the necessary equipment to film hidden camera prank videos? Well we're giving away the ultimate Be a Prankster prize package to one lucky winner! All you need to do to enter is subscribe to our youtube channel…
Mar 26, 2014 Written by
If you've been watching videos about Playlist Live 2014 and you've been seeing a Dinosaur and a Gorilla popping up, that was us! We brought Kojo the Baby T-Rex and Baka the Mountain Gorilla down to playlist live to scare Youtubers and Fans alike. You…
Sep 06, 2013 Written by
We've been pretty quiet during the summer months and we do appologize for that. But rest assured, things have been going on behind the scenes here at KHA Entertainment!  We've got several new and exciting videos coming out, including some collaborations with some very well…
May 03, 2013 Written by
You've seen the shirt, you love the shirt, why not buy the shirt!  Buy Now at!   
May 03, 2013 Written by
Jurassic Prank 4 is finally here! We teamed up with the awesome folks over at to bring you our newest prank video! They sent us a bunch of their "Ask me about my T-Rex" shirts and we hosted some photo shoots in the NYC…
Mar 31, 2013 Written by
Earlier this month we mentioned that we flew out to the west coast to shoot a new video for a client. Well that client was Vitamin Water! They hired us to help with their campaign to "Make Boring Brilliant"! Vitamin Water choose Kojo the dinosaur
Mar 31, 2013 Written by
You may remember our post about visiting the west coast a few weeks ago... Well here's a sneek peek of what we were up to!    Learn more about this project at Brilliance Uncapped, and be sure to watch us Live on Fuse this Wednesday,…
Mar 29, 2013 Written by
Kojo made a special appearance at the Bellator MMA Match between David Rickels and Saad Awad at the USF Sun Dome in Tampa Florida! Kojo escorted "The Caveman" to the cage, and after Rickels beat Awad with a TKO in the second round, Kojo was…
Feb 24, 2013 Written by
One of the fine users over at took the liberty of giving Jurassic Prank 3 the GIF Treatment. 
Feb 23, 2013 Written by
Jurassic Prank 3 has been voted up to the home page of Failblog (as a WIN! of course) over on the Cheezburger network for 2 days in a row! Head on over to their site and give us a thumbs up! If you haven't already…
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  • @KHAent: @AXE if you guys ever want to go the Prehistoric route we've got a giant animatronic T-Rex costume that's great for commercials ;)
  • @KHAent: @axe @dodge @blackberry glad to see such big brands supporting a TV SciFi franchise @defianceworld @syfy
  • @KHAent: @Htc @Samsung @Apple guys, lets eliminate Vertical Video Syndrome. When starting a recording vertically, put a popup "Turn 90º or press OK"


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