A Quick Trip to Crewe

We just got back from an amazing trip overseas filming reviews and some documentary footage for Bentley Motors and Motoman TV!

Up until now, I never really thought myself the type of person who'd want to buy a Bentley one day... but all that changed a few weeks ago when Volkswagen (the current owner of Bentley Motors) flew MotoMan TV and KHA Entertainment out to Manchester, UK in order to film some awesome content regarding their factory, brand heritage and of course, the new 2016 Bentley Continental GT!

2 of Bentleys Royal Fleet vehicles waiting for our film crewBentley put us up in an amazing hotel, purposely located about 2 hours away from the main factory located in Crewe. Why? Well because that gave them the opportunity to chauffeur us back and forth from Manchester to Crewe every day in 2 of their Royal Fleet vehicles! Yeah, they took our entire crew back and forth in the same cars used for British Royalty! 

Not many film crews have been allowed this type of access over the years so this is quite an honor, especially for a gear-head like me.

Be sure to take a look at the video above to see a sampling of what we shot on location!